School fee discounts for the families who enroll their children are as follows:


  • HIS will discount 20% for the Second and Third child, 50% for the Fourth child, free of charge for the Fifth. 

School fee discounts



the following documents should be attached when enrolling:


  • HIS does not accept tuition and fees without an application form. (Available at the school office)

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (New child)

  • Copy of Previous school records, Referential documents (i.e Vaccination records) (New child)

  • Copy of Valid Identity Card (Passport, Residence Permit etc.) (Both of father and mother) (New Child)

  • 2 passport size photographs (All children, every year)

Tuition and fee (on the basis of sep 01, 2015)

Nursery Class (From 24 months, Up to 36 months), Preschool Class (Up to 48 months) Kindergarten Class (Up to 6 years, K1-over 4 years, K2-over 5 years) Elementary Level Class (Over 6 years, Grades 1 through 6) Junior High Level Class (grades 7-8)

        Year                Semester            Month      
Nursery,Preschool  3,000    1,800 430
Kindergarten 1, 2 5,000   3,000 720
G1-G6 6,000   3,600 860
G7-G12 7,000     4,200   1,000

​ HIS has all rights to decide tuition, classes, and student numbers for each class depending on the classroom space. HIS will try to keep no more than 10 students for each class. * Optional afternoon session for N through K2: 500 USD/year, 300 USD/term, 100 USD/ month * Lunch coupon may be 1,500(N-K2)-2,000RWF/each and can be purchased in a monthly basis.

payment regulation


All the tuition and fees should be paid by USD cash or check.

The parents are responsible for all kinds of bank charge.

The annual tuition should be fully paid before the 31st of August.

As for the semester or monthly tuition and fees, you must pay before each semester or month begins. 

There will be a 5% interest charge added to the tuition received after the semester or month begins (although it may be even 1 day late).

School admission fee (only for new students) is 300 USD. (Non-refundable)

The total tuition will not be refundable 4 weeks after enrollment.

50% of tuition will be refundable in case of cancellation within 4 weeks after enrollment.

The total tuition will be refundable in case of cancellation within 2 weeks after enrollment.